Thank you,
It's been a blast!

Yes, it has been a fun ride while it's lasted but I'm sorry to say that I've decided not to continue down the wedding photography road. Having to deal with my mental health, along with a myriad of personal issues in 2019/2020, the straw that ultimately broke the camels back was this damned Covid 19 Pandemic. After dealing with numerous postponements, along with cancellations, I've realised that the stress and financial burden is just not for me.

I'll be finishing up the 2021/22 weddings I still have booked in and I'll be hanging up my trousers, so to speak. Never say never, I may return one day when things have settled down and I find myself longing for the connection and emotions that can only be found on someone's wedding day.

For now though, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of the couples who have trusted me to capture their biggest day and wish the rest of you good health and happy marriages! 

Bon voyage folks,