Jo & Rob | Engagement Shoot | Redwick

Pontypool Wedding Photographer, Engagement Shoot

On Sunday afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Jo & Rob's engagement session . We met in Redwick at Jo's mum's beautiful country cottage home. The expansive garden (field more like!) contains a variety of different trees including apple and willow which make for some great foreground and background elements. I couldn't wait to start shooting! The best part of all is that the wedding reception will be taking place in the front garden; perfect opportunity to plan ahead for the big day!

We started off at the back of the house where Jo pointed out a tree that had been planted on the day she was born. We often forget these small details from our lives, they get left in the past and we move on. So it was nice to be able to capture this shot of Jo and Rob as they walked hand in hand around the garden, the tree standing strong behind them.

Pontypool Wedding Photographer, engagement session

We moved to the front garden where we met up with Coco and Harvey, a beautiful chocolate Lab and German shepherd (you know how I feel about dogs right? Some photos under the willow were a must at this point.

Pontypool wedding photographer, engagement session

After a quick cuppa we headed off into the countryside where Jo took great pleasure in leading Rob and I through fields of corn on the way to the sea wall. The rest of the images really tell the story of the day. We let everything unfold organically, and moved along at a lazy pace throughout the afternoon. The weather held out until the moment we got back to the house and we had to try something a bit different... check out the full gallery of images below for the rest of the story.

I had an absolute blast. Thank you both for a great adventure, I can't wait for the wedding!